PJ Library

In coordination with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, the BJCC sponsors the PJ Library Program for the greater Blacksburg area (including Christiansburg, Radford, and Floyd). We will enroll any Jewish child in the area, age 6 months to 8 years, for free monthly deliveries of age-appropriate Jewish books and music. Families do not need to be members of the BJCC to participate in the PJ Library.

Sign up for PJ Library:
If you are interested in signing your child (or local grandchild) up for a free year-long subscription to PJ Library, go to our community page at the PJ Library website and enter your information.

More about the PJ Library:
PJ Library is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. PJ Library mails free, high-quality Jewish children’s books and music to families on a monthly basis. All families raising Jewish children are welcome to enroll.  To see what kinds of books children receive, select your child’s age-range at the PJ Library website.

Donating to support the PJ Library Program:
Each yearly PJ Library subscription costs the BJCC $40 per child.  If you are interested in donating to the BJCC specifically to support this program, or to offset the cost of your child’s subscription, there are three ways to donate. You may send a check to the treasurer. Please write “PJ Library” on your check’s memo line and send to: BJCC Treasurer, PO Box 782, Blacksburg, VA 24063. You may use PayPal, writing “PJ Library” in the “add special instructions” field. Or you use the donation form on our PJ Library community page.

Payment Instructions

  1. Click on Donate button. It will take you to the PayPal website.
  2. If you have an account, press log-in and enter your account information. If you do not have an account, select sign-up and create an account.
  3. Select “Pay or send money.”
  4. Select “Pay for goods or services.”
  5. Enter info@bjccblacksburg.org in the “Email, Mobile Number, or Name” field and press next.
  6. Enter amount of payment.
  7. In the “Add a Note” field, please write the nature of the donation.
  8. Enter your shipping address and press continue.
  9. Then select “Send money now.

Sifriyat Pijama B’America
If you are an Israeli family living in the US, have children between the ages of 2-8, and are interested in receiving free Hebrew children’s books for your kid(s), you can sign up for Sifriyat Pijama B’America directly through their website. To read more about this program, click here. This is a national program sponsored by the Israeli Leadership Council, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Families who are already receiving English books from PJ Library are also eligible to receive books from SPBA.